Airosa Dairy-Facebook - Updated 2/9/15 - 2012 marks the 100th year anniversary of the Airoso Family dairying in CA's Central Valley! Plan to come celebrate with them at the Air-Osa 100th Anniversary Sale on February 16, 2012 during the Tulare Farm Show! Check out their site to find out more about this exciting upcoming event and the see some of the great cow families they have developed!
Ammon Farms - Updated 10/23/15 - At Ammon Farms in Lewistown, PA, we milk 90 cows housed in freestalls with a breeding program that consists of high TPI sires with good health traits and functional type. We are priviledged that our work is something we enjoy so much, your visits are always welcome.
Appealing Holsteins - Updated 4/22/14 - The Cooper Family of Delta, PA focuses on deep pedigrees and are working with numerous members of the Ladys-Manor Top Gun Jemini family! Visit their brand new website now!
Belfontaine Genetics - Updated 3/3/14 - Belfontaine Genetics has always been and always will be a family business. We work together to improve the quality of our herd. The farm is not only work but a passion.
Bella-View Holsteins - Updated 4/14/15 - Individuals from the best black & white and red & white families call Bella-View home! The Harbaughs are working with members of the Blackrose, Ashlyn, Eileen, Adeen, Roxy and Dixie families at their Marion, WI operation. Check out their offspring from showring stars and contract cows!
Benbie Holsteins - New 10/3/14 -
Ber-Sher Farm - New 3/27/15 - We are a small family farm, starting into our 4th generation. Our goal has been to build up our genetics with high production animals, and more recently striving to gain the higher genetic numbers that people are searching for. We are very proud of the long time cow families in our herd, and our new additions as well. We hope you enjoy our website and we look forward to doing business with you!
Blessing Brown Swiss Farm - Updated 5/4/17 - A history deep in All American winners with herd winning production awards. Highlights on this website include their All American winners and 2009 Expo results!
Bluff Ridge Farm - Facebook - Updated 5/14/14 - Bluff-Ridge Holsteins is small family-owned Holstein herd in central Illinois known for breeding show-winning cattle. Named Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor at both the 2013 Illinois Championship Show and Illinois State Fair, they have bred more than 80 EX and 150 VG cows since 1959. Visit our website to see current cow families we are working with!
Bo-Joy Farm - Updated 5/15/15 - Cattle and embryos are always for sale from this elite Brown Swiss herd that was named Premier Breeder & Exhibitor of the Eastern National Show for four consecutive years.
Boer Jersey Dairy - Facebook - New 5/27/16 - Boer Dairy, is in Dalhart Texas. It was built Spring 2009 and moved from a prior location in Turlock CA. It is now home to 1650 milking Jerseys.
Brigeen Farms - Updated 4/25/16 - The Brigeen breeding program continues to have as its cornerstone the reliability of great cow families. Thoughtful sire selection in complementary matings creates excitement with every generation.
Budjon - Updated 3/9/16 -
Butlerview Farm - Updated 2/16/16 - Butlerview Farm strives to produce, provide and house quality genetics. Whether it be for the Genomic, cow family or the type market Butlerview has something to offer everyone. Drop in and see our new facilities and visit some of the most famous cow famlies in the World!
Calmac Holsteins - Updated 4/30/14 - Welcome to the new Calmac Holsteins website!
Calori-D Holsteins - Updated 10/2/16 - The Mast Family of Denair, CA presents their cows that are leading the way. Home of Lylehaven Durham Marriet, Ocean-View Ito Jewel & more. All animals are in a flush program & have just been updated with new pregnancy info!
Canyon Breeze Holsteins - Updated 9/9/15 - Home of the ever-popular 'A' family - with several females high on the type list and the #2 Type bull - Airlift!
Car-J Holsteins - Updated 2/20/16 - The home of modern members of true family dynasties. From the Juror Faiths, Dellias, Lalas & more - check out the girls of this NC herd!
Car-J Holsteins- Facebook - New 2/22/16 -
Cedarwal Farms - Updated 4/28/17 - Cedarwal is farming 350 acres and milking 400 cows. Cedarwal continues to maintain an extensive embryo transfer program as well as IVF program. Embryo export is a large part of the business, with hundreds of embryos exported annually.
Co-Vale Holsteins - Updated 9/18/13 - Home of the 2010 NY Active Master Breeder!
Comyn Holsteins - Updated 7/21/14 - Offering large animal veterinary services and on farm embryo transfer, VHHMS also owns an elite group of Registered Holsteins! Tour the website to view their members of the Rosa, Faith, Kaye, Lucina and Biffy families!
Conant Acres - Updated 7/17/14 - Also home to Dirigo Holsteins. Where families come first! Featuring outstanding cow families, favorite individuals and rising stars in our herd.
Cook Farm - Updated 5/23/15 - Home of the Fayvors and Flyvors. Genetics available!
Cookiecutter Holsteins - Updated 10/27/15 - Cookiecutter Holsteins was established in 2004 and is a partnership between Denise Dickinson and Kyle & Luke Getty. It all started with the purchase of MS Kngs Rnsm Champ Haley and all herd members trace back to her. Housed at Ideal Dairy Farms in Hudson Falls, NY, the cows compete in a commercial environment and must prove themselves without preferential treatment.
Coyne Farms - Updated 5/5/14 - A family run dairy milking over 1,000 Registered Holsteins and marketing genetics worldwide.
Crasdale Farms - Updated 3/18/15 -
Crest-View Acres - Updated 8/27/15 - Located in beautiful southwest Wisconsin, Crest-View-Acres is home to a large number of individuals from the Saturday family! We are striving for a balance of type and production and your visit is always welcome!
Currie Holsteins - Updated 4/9/15 - This family owned & operated dairy in Tully, NY is home to high quality, deep pedigreed Holsteins, as well as All-American Jerseys. Check out their site to find out more about their homebred show string, as well as outstanding members from the Dellia, Licorice & Twinkie families.
Down To Earth Holsteins - New 6/2/15 - This herd owned by Delton Good of East Earl, PA features both high type and high genomics including grand-daughters of 3E-97 Goldwyn Hailey and 4E-95 Rud Zip, a polled Cashcoin, and more!
Drolie Holstein - Updated 2/24/15 - Ferme Drolet & fils is a dairy farm specializing in Holstein breeding in Saint-Raymond, Quebec. Stop by and visit the Drolie Holstein website, featuring their Hiris, Fantaisy and Bentley cow families just to name a few!
Duckett Holsteins - Updated 5/4/15 - Home of the 2-time World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion, Harvue Roy Frosty EX-96! Also the home of Pasta, Candi, Good, Cocoa and Treasure along with numerous other high-type individuals.
Dymentholm Genetics - Updated 11/4/14 - Future Ready Genetics! Highlighting the best in high genomic and high type individuals including new ventures into polled genetics!
Elite Dairy - Updated 10/17/17 - Home of cutting edge genetics, Elite Dairy is home to a prestigious group of Brown Swiss that have graced the tanbark while also proving to be extraordinary producers in the barn. Check out their site to see their exciting fall show results!
Elm-Spring Farm - Updated 1/7/15 - Established by John & Mary in 1961, Elm Spring Farm presently has three generations of Tudors involved in breeding the "better cow" in this 100% homebred herd 13 year PBR Award.
Emerson Farms - Updated 1/25/16 - Visit the Emerson Farms website to see their 2011 All-American Nominees as well as some homebred excitement and an upcoming spring sale consignment!
End Road Farms – Facebook - Updated 6/24/16 -
Ever-Green-View - Updated 5/2/17 - Where Dreams Come True. Check out the recently added pages that now highlight the Elsie & Lorena Families as well as some other Leading Ladies at Ever-Green-View!
Exels Holsteins - Updated 1/23/14 - Visit the recently updated Exels Holsteins website today to see their featured Holsteins, Red & Whites, Jerseys and more!
Fairdale Farm - Updated 3/26/17 - Welcome to the Fairdale Farm online home of the Sparrow family of Owenton, Ky. A prestigious up and coming Brown Swiss herd with some tanbark favorites, where cattle and embryos are always for sale.
Fairmont Farms, Inc, - Updated 1/11/16 - Developing branches of some of New England’s major cow families as well as Fairmont’s own maternal lines to meet the demands of the today’s AI industry and show minded breeders. Long established New England Cow Families combined with today’s high genomic or well established sires populate the facilities.
Farnear Holsteins - Updated 9/28/15 - Farnear Holsteins of Farley, IA is working with some of the most sought after cow families in the world. Check out our website to see family members of Brocade, Barbie, Chief Adeen, Shottle May and more.
Ferme Blondin - Updated 8/11/16 - Breeders and developers of Blondin Lyster Beauty - the Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Champion of the 2007 Royal Winter Fair! Visit this beautiful website to view the prominent Canadian cow families they are working with (show, red & white and index), classification news and a list of several available embryos.
Ferme Blondin - Facebook - Updated 5/10/16 - Checkout the Facebook page for Ferme Blondin!
Ferme Jacobs - Facebook - Updated 10/21/15 - Home of Valleyville Lheros Jenn, Jacobs Dundee Voltage, Jacobs Spirit Valsie And Many More. Embryo Available From Great Pedigree.
Ferme Pierre Boulet - Updated 9/8/14 - Check out information on the Vente Prestige Sale, September 20, 2014 - Montmagny, QC.
Ferme Pierre Boulet - Facebook - Updated 7/21/15 -
Four Hills Farm - Updated 12/6/13 - Highlighting our 2013 show winners and more! Visit our website to see featured Holsteins, R&W's, Jerseys and Ayrshires!
Gildale Holsteins - New 4/29/14 - Nestled in the rolling hills of Southwestern Wisconsin, Gildale Holsteins is home to the Gilbertson family. Diverse cow families influence this herd with many show winners.
Glen Valley Farm - Updated 4/1/15 - Home of the Classy and Empress cow families, Glen Valley Farm is known for outstanding production combined with the best of modern type! There are numerous Glen Valley bulls in AI and the Umbles are also working with other notable families in the breed.
Golden Oaks Farm - Updated 2/23/15 - Golden Oaks Farm is located in the farm NW Suburbs of Chicago, just outside of Wauconda, IL. About a 45 minute drive from O'Hare Airport. Golden Oaks milks 700 cows and raises around 675 livestock. Golden oaks strives for a balanced breeding program, which includes emphasis on production, type, and some red and whites. The two most popular cows on the farm are 8th Generation EX Roxy's that are maternal sisters...Perk Rae is polled and red, filling a unique market, while Champ Rae is 2E-93 and making some fancy calves.
Goldenflo Holsteins - Updated 7/31/15 - If you are going to milk cows 2X a day, 7 days a week, you might as well milk a good one. This simple philosophy has served us well over the years. It has allowed Goldenflo Holsteins to achieve our Master Breeder shield, numerous All Canadian and All American nominations and the appreciation of walking into the barn each day to a group of well bred, deep pedigreed cow families. At Goldenflo, we practice this doctrine day in and day out; striving to breed better and better cows that ourselves or any other dairy would enjoy working with.
Grand-View Ayrshires - Facebook - Updated 12/28/15 -
Green Meadow Farms - Updated 4/26/12 - Featuring bi-monthly newsletter, employment opportunities, facilities, history, feature cow families, bulls available and more.
Groves-View Dairy - Updated 1/5/15 - Visit the new redesigned Groves-View Dairy website today to see their Holsteins, Brown Swiss, bulls, consignments, embryos and more!
Harvue Farms - Redesigned 5/27/15 - Home of Pleasing Holsteins in Berryville, VA. Check here to see highlights of their upcoming Harvue Select Sale!
Heart & Soul Holsteins - Updated 5/19/16 - Along with J&K-Vue Farm, Heart & Soul is home to numerous All-Pennsylvania award winners. Foundation cows, Garstlyn Broker Reba and J&K-Vue Encore Gina, have show-stopping progeny that are developing into outstanding cows. Recently named 1st Jr. Best 3 Females at the All-American Dairy Show.
Heather Holme Holsteins - Updated 7/21/14 - Honored with two Master Breeder Shields, the McNeil Family of Heather Holme Holsteins welcomes you to their farm. Anchored by no less than six, multiple-E brood cows, the website features impressive cow families, classification results and news on their available embryos and sires.
Hilrose Holsteins - Updated 5/15/15 - Hilrose Holsteins of Sherwood, WI has just launched their brand new website featuring their consignment to the WI Futures Sale; a full sister to their two 2009 R&W All-American Nominees!
Holbric Holsteins - Updated 3/24/15 - A pair of high numbers and high scoring sisters from the Dime Family have us really excited for the future. Not to mention the full sister to Rub Marlene-Red. These features and more will greet you with a visit to the Holbric site.
Hollenshead Holsteins - Updated 10/22/15 - Hollenshead Holsteins has been breeding the best pedigreed Holsteins since 1960. Located in Mercerburg, PA.
Indianhead Holsteins - Updated 9/15/15 - For 35 years, our focus has been on breeding from prominent families within the breed that represent superior type and high levels of production year after year.
Jemi Jerseys & Holsteins - Updated 11/11/15 - Jemi Jerseys offers breeding stock and embryos from well known bloodlines that includes 3 daughters of Veronica. A division of Jemi also boards multi breeds of cattle and offers daily care, embryo work with a veterinary and show preparation and care of stock.
Jo-Dee Brown Swiss - Updated 4/4/13 - The home of the 2011 Premier Breeder at WDE and Valligrove Jetway Nora - multiple All-American winner and the sweetheart of Jo-Dee!
Joleanna Holsteins - Updated 4/28/15 - Joleanna Holsteins is home to many show winners and All-American Nominations. The site now features information about BIG Calf Starter as well as some of the featured animals at Joleanna.
Juniper Farms Inc. - Updated 4/27/15 - This isn’t your daddy’s version of Juniper! Built on the strong traditions of Rotate Jed and Outside Wish, today’s Juniper website features daughters of Sanchez, Sovereign, Goldwyn and Jasper. This New England herd also provides custom housing opportunities for breeders. Check out the new website today!
Kara-Kesh Holsteins - Updated 3/2/16 - A registered Holstein herd owned and operated by the Ryan & Karen Griffin family in Minnesota. Check out the cattle, we are sure there is something here you will like!
Kellercrest Holsteins - Updated 10/13/16 - The Keller family of Wisconsin are progressive dairy producers with a strong belief in the value of Registered Holsteins. Their Kellercrest Shottle Loni family has been marketed worldwide and the herd has won both the Progressive Breeders Registry Award and the Progressive Genetics Herd Award for numerous years.
Kings Ransom Farm - Updated 3/24/16 - Visit the newly redesigned website for this breeder who focuses on high protein, high index young cows.
Kulp Genetics - Updated 3/17/16 - The newly redesigned Kulp Genetics site features their members of the Elegance and Royal Rosa families as well as their high quality Holstein, Red & White and Milking Shorthorn animals.
Lakeshore Holsteins - Updated 6/18/15 - Lakeshore Holsteins is home several elite Holsteins including Ludwigs-DG Goldwyn Emmy_ET, located in Tremont, IL. We are also working with members from the Shottle Silk and Barbara families.
Landis Marketing - Updated 5/13/17 - Landis Marketing is a full service manager for consignment, farm dispersals or private treaty sales. Also the home of Landis-MRK Holsteins. Featuring the genetics of Windy-Knoll-View Pledge, Encore Rip, Caramac-Red and sisters to the exciting young Shottle at Genex, Landis-MRK Shottle Spa.
Larcrest Holsteins - Updated 5/19/15 - Home of the popular Larcrest Juror Chanel 3E-93 GMD DOM and her AI bull mother daughter, Larcrest Oside Champagne-TW VG-87.
Larson Acres - Updated 2/27/15 - Welcome to Larson Acres, Inc where six Larson families spanning six generations combine interests, efforts, and enthusiasm for farming to operate our dairy business. We market genetics from a select group of donor cows – breeder of Lars-Acres Shot Trigger!
Lightning Ridge Holsteins - Updated 11/5/15 - Lightning Ridge Holsteins, founded in 1999, strives to purchase the best cows to build a strong foundation. Check out this Australian herd that has invested in cow families from around the world!
Lindale Holsteins - Updated 6/12/15 - From homebred favorites to exciting partnership animals like the well-known Team Durham Morgan, the Lindale Holsteins website features news, cows and consignments from this Hampshire, IL, herd.
Lindenright Holsteins - Updated 8/18/14 - Welcome to the brand new website for Lindinright Holsteins! Visit the site today to see their recent classification results as well as consignments to this spring's hottest sales!
LLM Dairy Inc. - Updated 9/14/16 - Operated in Ringle, Wisconsin by Marvin, Leon & Lyle Matthiae, the L-L-M Dairy herd has won the Progressive Genetic Award for 19 years! Home of the high-genomic Pilgrim and Procky family!
Lone Oak Acres Holsteins - Updated 2/26/14 - Check out this Minnesota herd that is working with members of the Matrix-Red cow family.
Long-Brook Farm - Updated 4/7/16 - Visit their site to see their recent show winners and other favorites!
Ludwig Farms - Updated 2/28/14 - Welcome! Thanks for your interest in the cows and genetics at Ludwig Farms in Fithian, IL! Presented here are the cows and heifers that we are currently, flushing, showing and merchandising from. Your embryo and live offspring inquiries are always invited; please contact us at any time!
Luncrest Farm - Updated 4/7/15 - Welcome to Luncrest farm, located in New York, owned and operated by the Lundy family. A large percentage of our herd goes back to the great Mary family from Autumn-Ridge. We've had great success with this family, they do well in our freestall environment; working hard and looking good doing it. Have a look around and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.
Maddox Dairy - New 1/3/12 - Welcome to the brand new website for Maddox Dairy and RuAnn Dairy of Riverdale, California! The Maddox family invites you to browse through their history, show team and other genetic information they have to offer!
Majestic View Genetics - Updated 8/19/15 - Showcasing several All-American and All-Canadian Animals
Maple Dell Farm - Updated 11/14/14 - Welcome to the brand new Maple Dell Farm website! See their herd favorites including some exciting Aftershock daughters as well as upcoming sale consignments!
Marfady Holsteins-Facebook - Updated 4/10/15 -
Marshman Farms - Updated 1/9/14 - Newly redesigned elite indexing cow families and exceptional type commercial cattle.
McIntosh Holsteins - Updated 7/30/14 - McIntosh Holsteins is owned and operated by Bill and Eleanor McIntosh and their 5 children in the heart of Oxford County, the Dairy Capital of Canada near Embro, Ontario. They farm approximately 400 acres of corn, alfalfa, beans and wheat and milk 70 Holsteins and Jerseys in a tie-stall operation.
Milk Source Genetics - Updated 10/10/13 - A Wisconsin dairy specializing in high-type, highly marketable Holsteins! Premier Breeder at the 2013 Midwest Spring National Show and home of the Holstein World cover girl and RWDCA Cow of the Year - Blondin Redman Seisme EX-96!
Misty-Z Holsteins - Updated 10/15/15 -
Morrill Farm Dairy - Updated 10/29/14 - Morrill Farm Dairy is home to many high quality Red & White and Black & White Holsteins including members of their Carla Family - the Lady in Red.
Mosnang Holsteins - Updated 2/24/15 - Mosnang Holsteins is owned and operated by the Hehli family in Rimbey, Alberta, Canada. Check out their website for information on cow families, including Mosnang Elmo Goldwyn, embryos and breeding bulls available.
Mountfield Holsteins - Updated 3/30/15 - One of central New York's most exciting herds with many breed-leading FBI daughters and a high CTPI Garrison! Check out the latest news from the Marshfield family.
Mt Ararat Farms - Updated 7/20/15 - Mt Ararat Farms is home to approximately 50 registered Holsteins, 15 Jerseys, and 10 Guernsey cows and 80 heifers. In 2007 Tim & Brenda Donough came to Mt Ararat Farms with plans to take the herd to the next level, by adding offspring from cow families out of Elegance, the Fabulous and the Frosty’s Alexander, to name a few.
Mulligan Farm - Updated 4/2/15 - Welcome to the brand new Mulligan Farm website!
Mystic-Valley Dairy, LLC - Updated 3/16/15 - Check out Lou and Toystory's family members, our latest classification news and see other herd highlights at this up and coming WI dairy.
North Florida Holsteins - Updated 10/2/13 - "Genetics designed for where the milk check pays the bills. Survivability and functionality with production."
Oakfield Corners Dairy - Updated 1/12/16 - Featuring family members of the Super brood cow Penn-Gate Skychief Finesse
Oakland View Farms - Updated 7/8/14 - Welcome to the brand new Oakland View Farms website! Please click through the website and see some of the animals we are working with and what we have offspring from. Visitors and inquiries always welcome!
Ocean View Genetics - Updated 11/6/16 - Ocean View Farms, Windsor, CA - Generations of excellence is our motto and that's what you will find in our herd. Visit our cyber herd and get a sampling of our families stacked deep with cow power.
Olmar Farms - Updated 3/12/15 - Homebred cow families with multiple generations of EX cows! That's the focus of this MN herd where tradition directs the future.
Ovaltop Holsteins - Updated 12/1/99 - Deep cow families and high type are trademarks of this herd. Cattle regularly consigned to sales and exhibited at shows.
Palmyra Farm - Updated 12/2/16 - Home of an exceptional herd of Ayrshires and Holsteins with over 40 on the Ayrshire Elite List and 9 on Holstein's Locator List. Also now home to Palmyra Farm Cheese LLC!
Pappys Farm - Updated 10/17/16 - Premier Breeder & Exhibitor Western National Spring Show 2014. Breeder of All-American & All-Canadian Pappys Goldwyn Rave-ET!
Passion Holsteins - Facebook - Updated 1/13/16 -
Pine Tree Dairy - Updated 5/9/17 - . There is new Holstein, Jersey, and Swiss genomic information, photos, and a Montbeliarde update.
Pineland Farms - Updated 2/18/14 - Located in New Gloucester, ME is a 3000 acre farm - home of Wilsondale Holsteins - Where Cow Families Matter!
Quality Farms, Ltd. - Updated 3/1/15 - Welcome to the Quality Farms, Ltd. website - home of the 3-time Master Breeder Herd owned by Paul and Ari Ekstein. Now find them on Facebook!
Quality Holsteins, Ltd. - Facebook - Updated 7/23/16 - Follow Quality Holsteins, Ltd. on Facebook! Home of the 3-time Master Breeder Herd owned by Paul and Ari Ekstein.
Ragnar Holsteins - Facebook - Updated 4/28/16 -
Ransom Rail Farm - Updated 6/26/16 - Welcome to the brand new redesigned website for Ransom Rail Farm, owned by the Dueppengiesser Family of Perry, NY! Ransom Rail is home to many show winners as well as high type and high index animals from some of the most prestigious cow families.
Rapid Bay Jerseys - Updated 3/30/15 - Rapid Bay is known world-wide for their outstanding Jersey genetics! Cow such as Gorgeous and Rumor are household names among Jersey enthusiasts. The Borland Family has also expanded their business to include a wide variety of Jersey bulls that have impacted many herds throughout the world. Click here to see the latest information on their donor animals, showstring and bulls that they have available.
Red Carpet Holsteins - Updated 5/14/14 - Bringing the best of the breed to the Red Carpet! From well-known show stoppers to emerging young talent, Red Carpet is home to an exciting group that await your visit online. Check out the feature "On the Carpet" and the embryos currently available for sale!
Regancrest Farm - Updated 10/9/15 - Home of QB II Runner-Up Dellia, breeders of Durham. Check out their recently updated website!
Robeth Holsteins - New 12/20/12 - Merry Christmas to Bob Kennett from his sons and their families! Robeth Holsteins - one of Vermont's finest homebred herds with their star sired by Durham, Robeth Pixie EX-94!
Rock Hill Dairy LLC - Updated 12/21/16 -
Rock-N-Hill-II Holsteins - Updated 5/12/15 - 2014 marks the 20th year of Rock-N-Hill-II Holsteins. Rock-N-Hill-II Atwoo Crisco, EX 92 @ 3-5, the 2013 Reserve Junior All American Senior 2-year-old, Reserve Intermediate Champion and Champion Bred and Owned of the Wisconsin Championship Show, calls Rock-N-Hill-II in Juda, WI home. Come and see us!
Roll-N-View Farm - Updated 6/16/15 - Welcome to the new site of Roll-N-View Farms! Browse the site today to see show string, high profile Holsteins and Red & Whites that they are currently working with!
Ronelee Farm - Updated 1/7/16 - Home to Select Mark Dolly 4E-95 GMD DOM, a tremendous cow who serves as the foundation for one of the highest genomic-tested cow families in the country. Located in Lynden, WA, the Polinder Family invites your visit to their website!
Rosedale Genetics - Updated 3/15/17 - Located in Oxford, WI and home of World Dairy Expo Champions Paradise, Redrose, and Ideal! Mark & Nicky are building on a tradition of high-type, high-performance cows – both black & white and red & white. Visit their website to see what’s new in the herd!
Scenery-View Farm - Updated 4/19/17 - Check out the brand new website for Scenery-View Farm located in Friendsville, PA!
Scientific Holsteins - Updated 3/4/13 - Stop in to our newly updated website to learn about the "Tony Rae" Roxys, including Debutante, the 2005 All-American 4-year-old!
Siemers Holsteins - Updated 6/11/15 - Siemers Holsteins is a family operation with a passion for Registered Holsteins! In addition to their 2700 cow dairy, they have a small farm dedicated to breeding, developing and merchandising elite Holsteins that will appeal to all facets of the industry.
Southview Dairy - Larest Holsteins - Updated 4/1/13 - The Hoeppner family at Southview Dairy of Morden, Manitoba is working with descendents from many great cow families, primarily developing members of the Rainyridge Tony Beauty family. Not far from the American border, check out this new Canadian site to see what Southview has in store!
Speek-NJ Holsteins - Updated 5/19/15 - Visit the updated Speek-NJ Holsteins website today to see who they are currently working with!
Spring Hope Holsteins - New 1/31/13 - The Nedrow’s are committed to breeding, producing and developing high quality Holsteins that can thrive in a well managed commercial setting. Our commitment to using high quality genetics to improve future generations of cattle has been a cornerstone of our breeding program, and can be seen in the development of our herd.
Spruce Haven Farm LLC - Updated 5/28/13 - Spruce Haven Farm LLC is located in Union Springs, NY and breeds from many of the popular cow families of the breed.
Stan-Mar-Dale Holsteins & Express Show Cattle - Updated 11/5/16 - Premier Breeder and Exhibitor herd with emphasis placed on longevity and show type. "Holsteins, Jerseys, and Brown Swiss always available."
Stanhope Wedgwood - Updated 6/29/15 - Stanhope-Wedgwood, partners in Holstein Genetics. We are committed to high production, outstanding type and longevity.
Stanton Bros. Limited - Updated 8/20/12 - The Best of U.S. & Canadian families are featured here!
Stone Ridge Dairy - Updated 10/31/13 - Check out their updated website to see their consigment to the Celebration III Sale on May 4th!
Stonyvale, Inc. - Redesigned 2/26/14 - Family farm located in Maine. We aim for consistent cow families that transmit through generations, while producing high quality milk in a competitive environment. We have many cow families from Conant Acres and Cook Farm.
Stranshome - Updated 3/15/16 - The Stransky Family of Owatonna, MN, own and operate Stranshome Farms! Breeder of the 2010 Unanimous All-American Winter Calf - Stranshome Dundee Daisy-ET!
Sunrose Holsteins - Updated 2/23/15 - Owned and operated by Bruce Gingerich and sons Bryce and Brant, Sunrose Holsteins is small family farm in northern Indiana that specializes in deep pedigrees and high-type. 2013 show ring highlights include Sunrose Jess EX-94 being named Reserve Grand Champion of the International Junior Holstein Show!
Sunview Holsteins - Updated 2/20/15 - Sebastien Dion has a passion for great cows and cow families known worldwide that have made an impact on the Holstein breed. This passion has led him to invest in animals that are the complete package! Check out the Sunview Holsteins website to view the elite genetics being developed!
T&L Cattle - New 2/25/16 - &L Cattle is located in Rosedale, BC. Home to many amazing show cows & numerous All-American & All-Canadian nominations. Cattle & Embryos always available.
Teemar Holsteins - Updated 10/21/14 - Visit the brand new Teemar Holsteins website today to see the current favorites that Mark & Judi Paul and family are working with! They've got it all - from Cosmopolitan to members of Snowman's family to their herd favorite and Genomic leader - Neu-Way Jose Allie-ET.
Telstar Farms - Updated 11/16/15 - Welcome to the brand new Telstar Farms website! Mitchell, David and Andy Chlus of Little Falls, NY welcome you to browse their website to see their featured high genomic favorites as well as their upcoming sale consignments for the fall!
Tiger Lily Holsteins - Facebook - Updated 1/13/16 -
Top Acres Brown Swiss - Updated 8/21/17 - Full reports are online for the Eastern Breeders Sale, Midwest Revue Sale, Towpath Farm Dispersal and Snapshots at Starmark. Be sure to check out the updated embryo listing, sale listings and Donor, What's new, and sexed semen page!
Tramilda Holsteins - Updated 9/24/15 - Welcome to the brand new website for Tramilda Holsteins located in Montezuma, GA! Flushing 20+ donors per month, Tramilda is your sourced for sexed embryos! Visit their site to see what they currently have available!
Triangle Acres - Updated 2/24/15 - Home of blonde-haired kids and Big Brown Cows, featuring the Polly family. Breeders of top A.I. bulls, many descendants of Polly."
Triple-Crown Genetics - Redesigned 10/29/13 - Check out our website for information on the Pedigree Power II Sale on Thursday, November 14, 2013!
Triple-T Holsteins & Jerseys - Updated 4/16/15 - Welcome to the Triple-T Holsteins & Jerseys website! Visit the site to see the Holsteins and Jerseys they have sold and are currently working with and developing from, including this year's All-American Holstein and Jersey nominations!
Vanderfeltz Dairy - Updated 1/14/14 - Welcome to the heart of northern Pennsylvania and Joe & Melinda Vanderfeltz’s herd! Vanderfeltz Dairy is home to several high profile cow families in both the Holstein & Jersey breeds. Visit the site to learn more about our show favorites and our genomic brood cows.
Violet Hill & Ziems Holsteins - Updated 7/21/16 - Welcome to the brand new website for Violet Hill and Ziems Holsteins!
Wabash-Way Holsteins - Updated 5/3/16 - The Stammens of New Weston, OH invite you to view their herd favorites, available embryos and pregnancies on the way.
Walk-Era Farms - Updated 8/10/15 - Home of quality Holsteins and quality milk! From show winners to deep, deep cow families, take a look at this outstanding breeder herd today!
Waterman Farms - Updated 3/18/16 - High-scoring, big-pedigreed cows from the great state of Maine - home of Rodonwa Holsteins!
Welcome Stock Farms - Updated 5/29/13 - Looking for some of the breed's leaders in genomics? How about generations of homebred performance? Welcome to Welcome Stock, one of New York's leading Registered Holstein herds.
West-Croix Holsteins - Facebook - New 2/16/15 - Check out the Facebook page for West-Croix Holsteins!
Westcoast Holsteins - Updated 10/24/14 - The mission at Westcoast is striving for top quality genetics with deep pedigrees & show style. The home of 2011 WDE's Junior Champion of the International Holstein Show and Junior, Reserve Junior, Intermediate and HM Grand Champion of the Grand International R&W Show.
Whittier Farms - Updated 8/3/12 - This newly redesign Whittier Farms website features the many exciting ladies at Whittier Farms as well as their consignments to 2011 sales!
Willows Edge Holsteins - Updated 7/16/15 - Welcome to the Willow's Edge website, featuring their consignments to the upcoming spring sales!
Windy Knoll View - Updated 3/24/17 - Featuring the Pala Family and the perfection of Promis.
Winning-Way Holsteins - New 4/2/16 - Winning-Way Holsteins of Pennsylvania has been breeding great cows for the future for over 25 years with Balance, Type, and Production. Tall stylish cows that work hard with great udders
Winterbay Holsteins - Updated 10/2/14 - Welcome to the Winterbay Holsteins website, home of Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto EX-95, the Grand Champion of the 2010 Royal Winter Fair!
Woodvale Farms - New 8/9/10 - Welcome to the brand new Woodvale Farms website! Woodvale Farms of Perry, NY is home to many high quality Registered Holsteins including members of the four featured families on their website - many of which are backed by Excellent dams with over 100,000M lifetime. With a focus on health traits, Woodvale Farms strives to breed a long-lasting cow that proves herself with high milk production and the ablity to breed back and produce high quality offspring.
Woodwind Farm - Updated 6/23/15 -
Woodwind Farm - Facebook - New 5/5/16 -
Ziem-Barb-Way Facebook - Updated 8/21/15 -
Accelerated Genetics - Updated 3/16/17 - Where Innovation Breeds Excellence. Through the use of innovative techniques, dedicated sales representatives, farm products and technological research, Accelerated Genetics possesses the vision needed to help today's producers bring excellence into their herds.
Allstar Genetics - Updated 1/3/17 - An AI site offering a revolutionary philosophy in providing reliable genetics. Many outstanding young sires available! Check out the new sires added, included the recently proven Explosive!
CRV USA - Updated 11/1/13 - CRV is a leading international cattle improvement company that provides durable added-value to cattle farmers through: high-quality products and services, active involvement of members and employees, continuous innovation, constant attention to trends in society. Visit their website today!
El Toro Sires - Updated 8/20/12 - Featuring one of the top proven Durham sons, Mr Shane, now EX-90, along with Holstein semen and genetics from sires bred by top US breeders. Check out their new Shottle son, 100HO10620 FANTASTICO!
GenerVations - Updated 1/11/13 - Innovative Genetics for your Future! GenerVations is committed to the genetic advancement of dairy genetics worldwide. Based in Campbellville, Ontario, GenerVations has representatives across Canada providing producers with leading genetics from around the world.
International Protein Sires - Updated 11/6/16 - "Breeding cows not numbers." Consider their growing bull lineup.
Jetstream Genetics - New 8/15/16 - There is a new team flying into the industry with a strong focus on high genomic sires. Jetstream Genetics has a network of over 600 male pregnancies (averaging PA of +2550 GTPI or higher) who will soon be ready to impact your own herd’s genetics!
JLG Enterprises Inc. - Updated 6/10/13 - If you’re looking for high quality custom bovine semen, you’ve come to the right place. At JLG Enterprises we collect, process, freeze bovine semen for our customers to sell domestically and internationally.
Select Sires - Updated 3/16/17 - America's Best - The World's source for balanced bovine genetics.
Sexing Technologies - New 7/6/15 - Sexing Technologies® quality sexed semen and embryo products are widely used worldwide. Sexing Technologies is also well known around the globe as one of the top sources for assistance in locating and exporting quality semen, embryos, and live cattle from the United States. Today, embryos are an economical way to export/import the genetics you desire.
St. Jacobs Animal Breeding Corp. - Updated 8/15/16 - Welcome to the brand new website for the St. Jacobs Animal Breeding Corporation! St. Jacobs Animal Breeding Corp (STJ) is a business involved with the development of elite dairy cattle genetics through the sale of live cattle, embryos and semen. The genetics we select are focused on developing dairy cattle with outstanding type traits, both for function and competition. The business is owned by Tim and Sharyn Abbott, Fairfield, VT.
STgenetics - Updated 12/6/12 - High Tech Genetics with over 30 years service to the industry.
Triple-Hil Sires - Updated 2/13/17 - Triple-Hil Sires is a unique, small-scale, family-operated bull stud inspired by our interest in cattle-breeding and moved to action by the increasingly loud voice among breeders all over this country who are weary of the ever-changing index system and alarmed at the head-long pace of the genomic rush. The number one principle at Triple-Hil Sires is aAa®.
WestGen - Updated 4/11/17 - Western Canada’s Leader in Genetics and Reproduction
California Cheese & Butter Association - Updated 1/1/11 - Welcome to the California Cheese & Butter Association's website. The site contains information on membership, annual convention, special events, Say Cheese advertising, member companies, and links to other industry organizations that provide information on cheese and butter products.
California Dried Fruit Coalition - Updated 11/1/12 - The California Dried Fruit Coalition (CDFC) was formed as a cooperative effort by the raisin, dried plum, dried fig and date industries to promote the nutritional value and versatility of uses for these traditional dried fruits to policy makers influencing food purchase decisions for America’s schools and foodservice agencies.
California Holstein Association - Updated 1/22/16 - Find current news, membership information, calendar of events, sale & show information, junior activities and more!
Holstein Foundation - Updated 7/16/10 - Press Releases, 2009 Sample dairy Bowl Questions, Chairman Message, Research article, YDLI information.
Holstein Quebec - Updated 1/27/09 - One of the Canadian Holstein Association's most active Provincial Branches, Holstein Quebec has over 5,600 active members. Check out their extensive show and sale coverage, as well as member websites.
Illinois Holstein Association - Updated 12/1/14 - For our members and for anyone interested in the Holsteins that call Illinois home!
Minnesota Holstein Association - Updated 4/11/14 - Attention MN Holstein breeders please check out the website and fill out a history update form for the next history book!
Missouri Holstein Association - Updated 1/10/17 - Breeder - South Central Missouri District, see all the results from the National Convention, local fairs & shows, and the special event planned at field day for the juniors, join us at the Groves-View Dairy on July 20th, National Holstein Convention, Dairy Price Stabilization Effort, District Shows, 100th Anniversary
National DHIA - New 3/10/10 - National Dairy Herd Information Association - Serving the dairy industry, advancing information services.
New England States Holstein Association - Updated 2/13/13 - "The Cradle of Purebred Seedstock." Featuring membership info, meetings & events, Juniors and more!
NY Holstein Association - Updated 12/7/16 - Providing the most up-to-date information on NY Holstein activities! Check the new events, shows and sales added to the events calendar!
Oregon State Holstein Association - Updated 2/3/17 - Featuring news, membership info, shows, sales and more from the Land of Great, yet untapped source of, Holstein Breeding.
PA Holstein Association - Updated 2/10/17 - Featuring sale and show information, news, junior activities, membership information and the Pennsylvania Profiles publication.
Red & White Dairy Cattle Association - Redesigned 7/10/15 - The RWDCA was established in 1964, based on the principles of an open herdbook and the bloodlines of the Red Holstein. Nearly fifty years later, the RWDCA is a strong and growing organization.
St. Lawrence County Holstein Club - Updated 5/6/16 - Check out the St. Lawrence Co. Holstein Club website to see what the club is up to throughout the year including their annual All Breeds Calf & Bred Heifer Sale!
WI PDCA - Updated 9/16/16 - Online resource for promoting the cows and the activities of the WI Purebred Dairy Cattle Association.  Check out the Wisconsin Cows of the Year, upcoming events and further information for dairy producers.
AgPro Insurance - Updated 12/1/10 - AgPro Insurance for your farm.
Albers Dairy Equipment - Updated 1/1/11 - If you are building new, expanding, upgrading or remodeling, give us a call. When you select ALBERS equipment, you buy the best, yet at a competitive price.
Blodgett Communications - New 2/10/17 - We have been delivering results since 1990. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. Randy Blodgett has over 26 years of experience in Marketing and Communications and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. Creative Ideas and Imagery is Our Specialty
California Fig Advisory Board - Updated 2/13/11 - Welcome to the land of California Dry Figs! Visit their website today!
Ferme Jacobs - Facebook - New 10/28/15 - Stay up-to-date on the latest news from this year's Premier Breeder at World Dairy Expo, Ferme Jacobs!
Lucky Layla Farms - Updated 3/20/15 - Enjoy browsing our site to explore our drinkable yogurts, handcrafted cheeses, butter and caramel milk. Each of our products are all-natural and handcrafted using milk from our own pasture fed cows with no added hormones. Our goal is to provide you, through our supportive retailers, the healthiest farm-fresh locally-made dairy products available.
Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company - New 11/26/15 - To order our cheeses, crackers, gift baskets, and all things that go on a spectacular cheese board, click on the logo above to visit our new retail outlet and online fulfillment center – The Cheese Board at Vermont Farmstead. Click, Shop and Enjoy. Now through December 22, there is free shipping on all orders over $50.
ALH Genetics - Updated 3/16/17 - Welcome to the ALH Genetics website! ALH Genetics belongs to Europe's most dynamic trading companies for livestock, embryos and top genetics from the Holstein breed.
Diaza & Associates LLC - New 12/2/14 - Diaza & Associates LLC is a US company engaged in the global marketing of livestock genetics. Through our extensive network with the best "Proven" cattle breeders in the US we are able to offer cattle producers around the world with specific genetic solutions to meet individual needs.
GenElite - Updated 5/3/10 - International marketer of elite Holstein genetics specializing in AI quality bulls, embryos and elite females.
Hays Genetics International, Ltd. - Updated 1/17/15 - Welcome to Hays Genetics - the premier supplier of North American embryos! Visit their website today to see what they have available!
Sexing Technologies - New 3/16/17 - Sexing Technologies® quality sexed semen and embryo products are widely used worldwide. Sexing Technologies is also well known around the globe as one of the top sources for assistance in locating and exporting quality semen, embryos, and live cattle from the United States. Today, embryos are an economical way to export/import the genetics you desire.
WestGen - Updated 4/11/17 - Western Canada’s Leader in Genetics and Reproduction
WW Associates - New 12/1/99 - A full service business sourcing cattle, embryos, semen for export, as well as livestock supplies. We can find you that special one - or a truckload of the right kind!
Agri-Graphics Ltd. - Updated 10/14/09 - A tradition of excellence in bovine photography around the world. AGL photographers are professionals with solid agricultural backgrounds and have the expertise to produce the high quality results you need.
Bovine Bid - Updated 11/15/16 - A dedicated technology organization specializing in cattle merchandising. The first innovation, a dedicated portal for Live Auction Webcasts with Real Time Bidding. is now accepting dates to sales.
Brown Swiss Sale Service - Updated 4/14/17 - A complete sale service specializing in management of dispersals, consignment sales and order buying. Check out consignments to their upcoming sales and order catalogs via email. A family owned operation since 1947.
Cattlesource - Updated 3/24/16 - Looking for commercial cattle or a load of springers? How about some elite registered Holsteins that have high genomics and/or high type? Want a trusted source to deal with? You'll find all these things and more at the industry's newest SOURCE of quality genetics, CattleSource LLC
Courtney Sales, LLC - Updated 5/11/17 - Courtney Sales was established in 2010. As a family owned company, we have experienced traveling around the country to hold complete dispersals and consignment sales. We have had the great pleasure of meeting new people and gaining great friendships from each event that will last a lifetime.
Great Northern Sales Arena - Updated 4/25/17 - Specializing in dairy cattle sales, this full service auction company offers merchandising assistance for one animal or an entire herd.
MD-Hillbrook - Updated 5/9/17 - Check out the complete cattle sales and fitting services offered, including several of the blue ribbon kind currently available. Licensed auctioneer serving on staff of many upcoming sales.
Stonehurst Farm Dairy Cattle Sales - Updated 11/4/16 - Devoted to marketing Dairy Cattle to dairy farm operations that need profitable cattle.
Taste of Ontario Sale Facebook Link - Updated 3/18/16 - Check out the Taste of Ontario Sale Facebook page for information on the sale taking place April 22, 2015
The Cattle Exchange - Facebook - Updated 12/4/14 - Your Full Service Sale Manager Where Our Goal Is To Satisfy Both The Buyer And Seller! Follow us on Facebook!
2012 National Holstein Convention - Updated 11/4/11 - Missouri welcomes you to 'Get Your Kicks on Route 66!' Visit the new website for the 2012 National Holstein Convention being held June 27-30, 2012 in Springfield, MO!
2013 National Holstein Convention - Updated 7/2/13 - Indiana Holsteins is proud to welcome you to Indianapolis for the 2013 National Holstein Convention. Please check back often as we add more information to our new site!
2014 National Holstein Convention - New 4/8/14 - Make sure to visit the official website for the 2014 National Holstein Convention hosted by Iowa! Information can be found about registration and the schedule of events.
2015 National Holstein Convention - Updated 5/11/15 - "All Roads Lead to Illinois" this summer! Check out tour information and register online!
Empire Farm Days - Updated 8/19/08 - Plug Into the Power! Rodman Lott & Sons Farm, Route 414, Seneca Falls, NY
Spring Dairy Expo - New 4/3/09 - April 11, 2009 - Bedding down and cattle times!!!!! Spring Dairy Expo brought to you by Starmark Farms and Agrarian Marketing Coorporation.
Oregon State University - New 10/22/14 - Check out our Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences!
UW-Madison Farm & Industry Short Course - New 10/23/12 - Serving Wisconsin for over 125 years - the University of Wisconsin-Madison Farm & Industry Short Course is a "Hands-On Experience at a World-Class University!"
Roffey Cattle Company - Updated 7/6/12 - A Grass-Fed Devon beef cattle Breeder from Virginia.